Additional Services

All the service you need

We endeavour to be more than just a supplier. As a partner we strive for joint success. Involve us, test us, use our experience and knowledge. We provide you with all the services you need.

HPI Vehicle history checks

"The service supplied by Mentecaptus was excellent. Although there were some initial problems the team came onsite to sort them out quickly, responded to calls and emails promptly and actually were contactable when 'working from home'."

Support Overview

Going the extra mile

Any solution is only as good as the support it comes with. We have been praised for our support, knowledge and quick response times by many customers. To provide local language support we promote direct relationships with our local partners in continental Europe.


Installation ranges from the simple 'insert CD and answer the questions' to very complex configuration and tuning scenarios for multiple varied workflows. We offer on-site services to assist with this task, or even carry it out completely.


Training in all aspects of the configuration and use of our systems is offered by Mentecaptus. Courses are usually a combination of formal and hands-on work, and are always tailored to the user's specific requirements.


Where a system includes unique hardware, such as channel-connect adapters and cables, the hardware is warranted against failure in normal use for an initial 12 months, and then for as long as the annual maintenance service for the system is renewed. The software is similarly warranted, and the annual maintenance service includes provision for periodic update releases as well as fixes where necessary.


Technical advice and support is provided by our specialists during normal (UK) office hours, and out of hours services may be available by arrangement.